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Church Information

The B. M. Oakley Memorial Temple was founded by Bishop Bruce Madison Oakley. When Bishop Oakley passed away, his wife, Mother Irene Oakley succeeded him as the pastor of the church. In August 1998, after the passing of Mother Irene Oakley, Evangelist Maria Gardner stepped into the position of pastor of B.M.O. Memorial Temple.

B. M. Oakley Memorial Temple

1535 N. 7th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone: 215-769-5777 / 215-765-3711

Fax: 215-763-6445


Order of Service

Sunday Worship at 8 AM and 10AM

Tuesday Night Miracle Service at 7PM

Thursday Night Irene Oakley Institute at 6PM

Prayer at 12 Noon Monday through Friday

Prayer at 6AM on Tuesday and Thursday




B.M.Oakley Memorial Temple